5 Series TV Zero-G FL (Flush) 16:9 Ratio

Code: 5TGFL Zero-G

Think Rollable Television®. Zero-G re-thinks standard motorized screens and deploys a “levitating” image exactly where you want it.

Zero-G is simple and smooth with features such as removable PCB and lift tubes, pre-programmed doors (flush unit only), and automatic upper limits.



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Somfy® Gen 1 Quiet Motor
Butyl Vibratio Isolation

Min: 80” (2032mm)
Max: 160” (4064mm)

Available in 1-inch increments. All sizes are measured diagonally. Some materials may be limited in size. All dimensions are listed as seamless.

Aspect Ratios

Cord Colors
White | Beige | Black | Forest Green | Gray | Sky Blue

Installation | Adjustment
Minimum drop of 6-inches. Maximum drop of 15.8′ depending on screen size.

Material roll pre-installed from the factory.**

Removable upper motor lift tube with single pin release.

PCB is slide removable from the case.

Flush doors are pre-programmed from the factory.

Automatic upper limit by optical sensor.

** Applies only if case and material roll/motor assembly are shipped together (optional).

Case Specifications
Flush or external configuration.

Black or white color options for external case.

Top side recessed electrical control cable access.

Optional separated shipping for case and material roll/motor assembly.

Safety clips on external fascia.