Amina ALF80 Compact high power bandpass sub woofer 150W

Code: ALF80

The mid-range passive subwoofer that can add great depth to music, film and television whilst remaining easy to install into a ceiling or into cabinetry.

Using a 4th order bandpass design, the ALF80 can play at high level and with great depth whilst only having a small circular visible vent into the room.

Built in filtering and protection circuits mean that the ALF80 can be powered from a 150W amplifier delivering full-bandwidth content.



Amina Tip:

ALF80 and ALF40 subwoofers have built in protection and filtering meaning that a full-bandwidth amplified signal can be supplied to the subwoofer, allowing it to perfectly integrate with Amina VPT panel loudspeakers.

Being a passive unit, the ALF80 requires external amplification. Given that both protection and filtering are both built in to the subwoofer itself, the unit can be powered by a 150W amplifier delivering full-bandwidth content.

The ALF80 can be powered by its own dedicated amplifier channel, alternatively it may be wired in parallel to a single Amina VPT loudspeaker panel.


Please take care to match total impedance load to the amplifier when wiring subwoofers and speakers in parallel. It is not wise to wire two subwoofers in parallel to each other, however it is possible to wire a 4 Ohm subwoofer in parallel to a 4 Ohm loudspeaker panel without affecting overall load that the amplifier will see. For example, the ALF80 can be wired in parallel to a Mobius5 and still appear as a 4 Ohm total load.


Specification ALF80
Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
Power Handling 150W
Sensitivity 86dB 1m/2.83Vrms
Frequency Response 36Hz – 120Hz (±6db) (4th order bandpass)
Max SPL 103dB @1m (half space)
Electrical Connection Sprung Terminal
Dimensions 605mm x 270mm x 156mm (237/8” x 105/8” x 61/8”)
Product Weight 9.2Kg (20lbs 41/2oz)
Fixing Requirements Mounting Brackets (included)
Protection Built-in
Port Locations Front, side and end-fire adjustable port location options
Port Diameter
(ID / OD)
50.8mm (2”) / 55.8mm (23/16”)
Datasheet ALF80 Datasheet