Amina APU-RS16i Rack-mount protection unit

Code: APU-RS16i

16-channel passive rack-mounted protection unit for Amina Invisible Loudspeakers. For use in installations with higher numbers of low-impedance speakers with a centralised AV rack. Direct-to-PCB screw terminal-blocks allow for fast and easy permanent installation.
Each channel of protection contains a resettable thermal fuse which can be independently set to protect different models of Amina Invisible Loudspeakers, meaning that a single unit can protect a whole system, no matter which speakers have been specified.
Removing the top panel of the unit reveals jumper-leads for each channel, enabling fast and secure setup. Please refer to table below for protection configuration.
Default setting set to 15W to ensure protection of lowest power speakers out of the box. Please
note that protection setting will need to be changed to ensure maximum performance of the connected loudspeaker.
Not suitable for high impedance 100V/70V line installations or subwoofers.

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Compatible Loudspeakers

Mobius series, Edge series APU’s should be used as a last-line of defence to protect loudspeakers from being overdriven in normal operation in an appropriately configured system.
Please note that repeated tripping of thermal fuse will affect the trip-point, resulting in reduced maximum power handling before protection kicks in.

APU-RS16iC Protection Groups Compatible Loudspeakers
1 iQ2, iQ3 (legacy)
3 Mobius3, Edge3, Mobius5i/S200, MobiusDual
5 Mobius5i, Edge5i
7 Mobius7i, Edge7i

Specifications APU-RS16iC
Electrical connection Direct-to-PCB screw terminal blocks
Dimensions 1U high, front panel 482mm x 44.4mm
(19” x 1 3/4”), case depth 213mm (8 3/8”)
Product weight 3.14Kg (6lbs 14oz)
Speaker families protected Mobius, Edge, iQ (legacy), Evolution (legacy)
Default protection setting 15W