DrArtex Super Diffusion Red Foil (DRA-BL15)

Code: DRA-CL08

Dr Artex : Advanced Sound Dampening Material Super Diffusion Red Foil

Car chassis is like our skeleton. Its wellbeing is essential to overall vehicle safe function. Due to its nature, chassis transfers a lot of noise and vibration. DrARTEX Advanced product is designed to be flexible and to adhere to any surface. It has highest vibration dampening properties. In addition, it contains anti-rust additives to ensure that chassis does not rust.



Acoustic lens is a product designed with a single purpose in mind – to remove the backwave of the speakers withing the car door. This product alone can significantly improve the car speaker performance for true car audio fanatics.

The material provides good vibration damping and sound absorption inside of the space inside the door.

An elastic triple-layered multinational acoustic lens, based on bitumen saturated polyurethane foam.

Recommended usage areas: Behind the speakers in the door.

Remove the decorative plastic panel of the car door. Mounting is performed behind a speaker of a car sound system on the inner side of the external wall of a door. Remove protective paper. The product edge is applied to the mounting surface and is sticked to it evenly with additional force. The attempt to unstick the product after the performing mounting could cause damage to the product. The material is installed on dry, clean, painted metal surface. Temperature in the workroom must be from 18 to 30°С.