Dr Artex Competition 6.0mm 199dB Drag (Heavy Double)

Code: DCC60.2018.

Dr Artex’s updated range of vibration damping materials which no longer include any bitumen additives to remove the unpleasant smell and giving extra flexibility and ease of installation as well as adding to tighter adhesion, increasing the effectiveness of the materials. These products prevent corrosion of the surfaces, protecting the car frame for the long term.

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Competition (6.0mm) 199dB Drag (Heavy Double)
If you are going for any sound competitions like DBDrag, SQL, EMMA, etc or just building a very high end audiophile car – this material is designed especially for you. It is made up of multiple successive layers, each with a
different function and a total thickness of 6mm. It provides incredible vibration damping factor and will drastically
improve frame’s rigidity. This material is going to take you where no other can in a competition.


A five-layered material:
1. Self adhesive glue layer for installation, protected with antiadhesive paper
2. Our space age formula composite butyl polymer
3. Tempered aluminium foil
4. Our space age formula composite butyl polymer
5. Tempered aluminium foil



This material should installed on clean, dry surfaces, including on complex surfaces. (WARNING: Not to be installed on corroded metal surfaces!). First clean the surface from dirt, it is recommended to use water with neutral detergents, which do not contain organic solvents and alkali. After surface dries, degrease it with white spirit, gasoline or other solvents and allow dry completely.
Peel off the anti-adhesive paper and thoroughly press against the surface, avoiding the formation of air bubbles between the surface and the material. Roll the material with a roller, pressing it through so that there is no air trapped between the material and the surface (use the “from the center to the edge” technique ).
It is best to apply the material in working environments with temperatures between +18 and +35°С.
Recommended area of installation: Wheel arches, Trunk , Floor, Bulkhead


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