Dr Artex VibroBarrier (07mm, 05sh, 75×50) VBB Glue

Code: DBP07.2018

Car chassis is like our skeleton. Its wellbeing is essential to overall vehicle safe function. Due to its nature, chassis transfers a lot of noise and vibration. DrARTEX Advanced product is designed to be flexible and to adhere to any surface. It has highest vibration dampening properties. In addition, it contains anti-rust additives to ensure that chassis does not rust.



A newly developed material designed to serve the dual purpose of sound and heat insulation, while heavier than Baffle – it has significantly higher level of sound insulation. High structural stability provides for melting point at 140°C and no moisture absorption. High elasticity of this product makes it very easy to install in even the most complex areas of the car.

A combination of :
– extremely high level of noise and heat insulation
– high temperature stability, material do not drop from doors and roof
– water proof, material applicable for floor and external door frame
– high elasticity , material easy to apply on curved surfaces

Chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam with added 0.4 mm synthetic butyl rubber adhesive layer and anti-adhesive paper.

This material should installed on clean, dry surfaces, including on complex surfaces. (WARNING: Not to be installed on corroded metal surfaces!)

First clean the surface from dirt, it is recommended to use water with neutral detergents, which do not contain organic solvents and alkali. After surface dries, degrease it with white spirit, gasoline or other solvents and allow dry completely.
Peel off the anti-adhesive paper and thoroughly press against the surface, avoiding the formation of air bubbles between the surface and the material. Roll the material with a roller, pressing it through so that there is no air trapped between the material and the surface (use the “from the center to the edge” technique ). It is best to apply the material in working environments with temperatures between 18 and 35°С.

● Recommended application areas: Doors, Roof, Floor, Wheel Arches.