JVC CW-DR124 12inch Subwoofer

Code: CW-DR124

You’re looking for a subwoofer, but you don’t have an unlimited budget. Don’t sacrifice good sound for affordability; JVC’s CW-DR124 gives you a dependable 12″ subwoofer with the low-frequency punch you’re looking for at a price that’s easy on your wallet.

Great bass starts with great materials, so the CW-DR124 is designed around a tough polypropylene cone to pump out the bass and a treated foam surround to keep things on track. The sub’s newly-designed Graduated Pleat Damper distributes stress over a wider area for durability, while the 6-layer copper voice coil dissipates heat more efficiently to keep things bumping even in long, loud music sessions. The CW-DR124 works in sealed or ported enclosures, and will handle up to 350 watts RMS power (1800 watts peak power). Its 4-ohm impedance makes it a good match for most systems.



The Ultimate in Deep Bass

Deep Bass is achieved by focusing the speakers output to a lower frequency range than most conventional subwoofers. A large 61.4 oz. magnet helps produce these powerful low frequencies.

Durable Design

Heat dissipation and power handling

A newly incorporated 6- layer copper voice coil with aluminum former, improves heat resistance. The air convection generated from the vibration of the diaphragm is effectively used to cool the voice coil, contributing to the speakers power handling and ability to dissipate heat.

Newly Designed Damper

The new Graduated Pleat Damper helps prevent stress from affecting specific parts of the damper. This minimizes mechanical damage and dramatically improves the damper’s durability.

Recommended Box Dimensions


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