M&K Sound BMC-1 Bass Management Controller

Code: BMC-1

The M&K Sound BMC-1 is a balanced, line-level studio bass management controller intended for use with M&K Sounds line of professional studio monitors and with high-end home theater installations. Although the BMC-1 was primarily designed for monitoring 5.1 audio, its flexible architecture allows it to be used for monitoring mono, stereo, Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital, DTS and other formats.

The BMC-1 combines several necessary functions in one 19 rack mount 1RU package. Along with bass management and LFE channel control, it also provides individual channel adjustment capability to properly calibrate your entire monitor system.

The controller consists of a series of five high-pass filters (one each for the L, C, R, LS, RS channels) that route high frequency information (above 80Hz) to their appropriate channels amplifier and speaker. Each channel is also routed through a matching 80Hz lowpass filter. This low frequency information is then routed to a summing amplifier, which in turn sends this low frequency information, along with the LFE channel, to two subwoofer outputs.

This is done for two reasons. First, small loudspeakers may not be able to properly reproduce information below 80Hz. This information is therefore summed together and redirected from the individual channels to a loudspeaker that can reproduce this low frequency information with clarity and power “ a subwoofer. With the introduction of digital audio, it has become necessary for loudspeaker systems to be able to accurately reproduce audio that has a bandwidth of 20Hz to 20kHz with wide dynamics. A satellite/subwoofer system is the best way to accomplish this.

Secondly, todays home theater receivers utilize bass management per Dolby requirements. In order for work done in the studio to translate properly, the mixer must hear his mix exactly the way it will ultimately be played back. The BMC-1 together with a properly set-up and calibrated M&K Sound monitor system allows the mixer to hear his work with more accuracy than might otherwise be possible.

Front Panel Trim Controls +/- 12dB trim control for balancing the system.

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Specifications for the BMC-1 Bass Management Controller

  • LCR and Surround channels:
  • Input Impedance: 20 kOhm, balanced
  • Output Impedance: 200 Ohm, balanced
  • Highpass Filter: 80Hz, 12 dB/octave
  • Nominal Input Level: +4 dBu
  • Maximum Recommended Input Level: +24 dBu
  • Output Clipping Level: +27 dBu
  • Gain Adjustment: +/- 12dB
  • THD (1kHz @+4 dBu): 0.002%
  • LFE Inputs:
  • Input Impedance: 20 kOhm, balanced
  • Nominal Input Level: +4 dBu
  • Maximum Input Level: +24 dBu
  • Gain Adjustment: +/-12dB
  • Gain +10dB Input: +1 0dB
  • Lowpass Filter: 125Hz, 24dB/octave
  • THD (1kHz @+4 dBu): 0.002%
  • Subwoofer Output:
  • Output Impedance: 200 Ohm, balanced
  • Nominal Output Level: +4 dBu for +4 dBu input
  • Filters for LCR and Surround: 80Hz, 24dB/octave
  • Filter for LFE: 125Hz, 24dB/octave
  • THD (20Hz @+4 dBu): 0.002%